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BeatKey Kit

SKU: EF08073


BeatKey is a crazy beating keyboard and a game which is punching susliks. Its appearance is hexagon. There are seven buttons to play the part of seven suslik. There is two digital tubes to display how many susliks are punched by gamer. The three LED is used for remind gamer the game is beginning. There is a buzzer in the BeatKey to tweet when the gamer punch susliks successfully and the game is beginning.

There are seven LED lights in the button to play part of seven susliks. The users can punch the button which is lighting to simulate punching susliks. BeatKey is un assemble kit to let users to assemble by themselves. And they can learn the theory of electrical circuit and write program. BeatKey is opened all source code and hardware for users. So they can make their rules if they modify the program by Arduino IDE.

It support Arduino IDE  and a completely open-source simulated USB keyboard, based on MEGA32U4 I/O. It can be used to simulate USB keyboard or electronic piano. Users can even turn it into a game console by programming and code modifying.

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