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ESP Wifi Module

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ESP8266 Serial Wifi Module

SKU: EF03157


ESP Wifi Module with low power consumption, low price, built-in TCP / IP protocol, a temperature sensor, low-power 32 CPU (still used as applications processor), supports antenna diversity and SDIO2.0, SPI, UART interfaces, etc…It can be used in smart home, industrial wireless control, mesh networks, sensor networks, network cameras, wearable electronic devices, wireless position sensing devices, safe ID tags and other fields.

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    ESP Wifi Module is a kind of wireless module revised according to ESP8266 Serial Wifi Module. The peripheral circuit needed is very simple. Only through two serial ports, TX & RX, can it realize normal work, and convenient to use with low price.ESP8266 chip integrates some key parts of power management components, TR switch, RF balun, high-power PA with peak value of 25dBm, which has 16 GPIO ports to be cited for sensor devices. It’s a good wireless connectivity solution program.


    802.11 b/g/n protocol 

    Wi-Fi Direct (P2P), soft-AP

    Integrated TCP/IP protocol stack

    Integrated TR switch, balun, LNA, power amplifier and matching network Integrated PLL, regulators, and power management units

    +19.5dBm output power in 802.11b mode FIFO buffer handles 64 byte send and receive

    Integrated temperature sensor

    Supports antenna diversity

    Power down leakage current of < 10uA

    Integrated low power 32-bit CPU could be used as application processor SDIO 2.0, SPI, UART

    A-MPDU & A-MSDU aggregation & 0.4s guard interval Wake up and transmit packets in < 2ms

    Standby power consumption of < 1.0mW (DTIM3)

    n  Size 24.00mm×15.90mm 

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