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FreaksSOI one is the first portable instant soldering iron for the maker market, developed by ELECFREAKS. It only takes 7 seconds for the soldering bit to reach standard working temperature from cooling state, and 5 seconds for better soldering bits. When it instantly reaches the desired temperature, the temperature will be kept static as your setting value. The moment the soldering bit meets the material, the controller will fast respond and increase the temperature to the setting value so as to prevent the soldering bit from damaging the circuit board or parts.

FreaksSOI one has powerful performance, as well as an unparalleled smart control system with functions such as preference setting, standby sleep, boost mode, wakeup mode, sensing mode and voltage protection. The smart control system is also running in three languages-Mandarin, English and Korean, catering to geeks from different corners of the world.

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    Differences between SOI ONE and common soldering irons

    FreaksSOI one uses a constant temperature iron, which has high heating effectiveness and heat conductibility than common soldering irons.
    1, High heating effectiveness. It only takes 20w power to achieve the soldering performance of 40w power.
    2, Precise temperature control. It won’t damage heating parts, so it’ll not ask much experience from users as common soldering irons do.
    3, High soldering dependency. The temperature of the soldering bit drops when meeting the soldering material which will ensure the current reaches the setting value.

    SOI ONE Features

    1.Steady display and precise temperature by using a great computing amplifier and a well optimized heating algorithm.
    2.Auto standby, vibration wakeup, NTC temperature offset, buzzer warning, auto shutdown, low voltage protection, temperature boost and screen protection.
    3.0.96” OLED screen, interface interactive.
    4.Dimensions of PCB: length 61mm, width 26mm.
    5.Firmware languages: Mandarin, English and Korean.
    6.Offer firmware for 1306 and 1106 drivers, updatable and support 1.3” OLED screen.






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