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FreaksTimer is a timer for geekers. Its appearance is cylindrical and wood. There are two digital tubes in the side to display the remaining time. There is a knob of encoder. We can use the knob to setup the time, when setting time (Max 99 minutes)run out and there  buzzer will alarming . It is very suitable for children education and to help achieve the purpose of edutainment during familiarizing mechanical assembly structure and connection.It’s affordable, simplified enough and simple soldering required.

FreaksTimer project is open source. This means all of designs and codes,  PCB schematic, are available for you in free. You can download, view , edit ,learn from all of the works that has been put into project.

FreaksTimer is an Arduino compatible board,and included ATmega32U4 and you can programming by Arduino IDE. Its a kit there is simple soldering required and be assembled by youself. There were wood and acrylic for choosing.FreaksARM is perfect for children and beginners to learn electronics and a great gift for your Mom.

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