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OCTOPUS Magnetic Switch

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OCTOPUS Magnetic Switch

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OCTOPUS Magnetic Switch is a simple electric brick module with magnetic control switch.It is normally combined with electromagnet or components with magnet.It can be used to security alarming system,door magnetic switch and so on.

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    OCTOPUS Magnetic Switch is a kind of electric brick carrying magnetic switch and compatible with OCTOPUS series. It mainly consists of WBSF12 dry reed switch. WBSF12 is a dry reed tube with frequently open contact point. When magnet come close to a certain distance,switch within WBSF12 will close. Under this principle, it can be used to detect magnet around. With magnet and WBSF12 combined , it can control links between electronic components.

    Caution: We will deliver after 2-week production for it is at the stage of preorder. 


    1.Swift motion, small volume

    2.Contact point has very good anti-corrosion and wear resistance

    3.Long life span

    4.Working current: 200mA(MAX)

    5.Working temperature -55 ~ 125℃

    6.Size: 23.48mm×31.28mm



    1.Can be used to liquid sensor, close sensor

    2.Security Alarming System

    3.Door magnetic switch

    4.Runner Machine




    1.OCTOPUS Magnetic Switch module

    2.Arduino UNO mainboard

    3.3P electric brick cable

    4.Micro USB Cable




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