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OCTOPUS Vibration Motor

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OCTOPUS Vibration Motor

SKU: EF04074


OCTOPUS Vibration Motor is a kind of electric brick module carrying with a small vibrator driven by high voltage. It can be used as vibrators for products like toys, mobiles and so on.

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    OCTOPUS Vibration Motor is a kind of electric brick driven by a small vibrator and compatible with OCTOPUS series. The small 1027 vibrator is the main component of this module, which vibrates with high voltage. It is very simple and easy to use. It can be adapted to toys and mobiles.

    Caution: We will deliver after 2-week production for it is at the stage of preorder. 


    1.Fully compatible OCTOPUS series

    2.Low power consumption

    3.Rated current: 80mA(MAX)

    4.Working temperature: -20 ~ 70℃

    5.Size: 31.28mm×23.48mm



    Can be used to toys and mobiles



    1.OCTOPUS Vibrator Motor module

    2.Arduino UNO main board

    3.3P electric brick cable

    4.Micro USB connect cable


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