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Easy Wifi Shield

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TheCC3000 Shield is a self-contained wireless network processor that simplifies the implementation of Internet connectivity using simple Link Wi-Fi technology. CC3000's Simple Link Wi-Fi solution minimized the software requirements of the host microcontroller (MCU) and is thus an ideal solution for embedded applications using any low-cost and low-power MCU.


  • Power supply voltage:5V
  • SPI communication
  • CC3000 operating voltage:3.3V
  • Characteristic circuit: LDO-3.3V voltage regulator circuit, level conversion circuit


  • Smart home
  • Industrial control

Please note:

the hardware is good, but the library code does not yet support all of the CC3000's functionality. SSID scanning, connection, DHCP, DNS lookup, ping, and UDP/TCP client connections (eg connect to a website and grab data) all work and are tested with example code. UDP/TCP server connections are not supported yet!


easy wifi

easy wifi

Package List:

  • 1 x Easy Wifi Shield
  • 2 x 8p header
  • 2 x 6p header
  • 1 x SPI header


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