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Fastrax UP501 GPS Receiver Module with Antenna GPS-UP501

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Fastrax UP501 GPS receiver module with embedded GPS antenna enables high performance navigation in the most stringent applications and solid fix even in harsh GPS visibility environments.

The Fastrax UP501 receiver with embedded antenna is ideally suited for navigation systems, asset tracking devices and battery operated consumer products like personal navigation devices, handheld computers, cameras, and sports accessories. Fastrax UP501 is also an ideal receiver for GPS mouse applications, due to its compact design and easy interfacing.

UP501 fix rate is configurable up to 10Hz by user command. This makes the UP501 ideal for extremely high dynamics applications.

The module supports also dedicated control commands for external control for the operating state. The Fastrax UP501 has built-in PCB-mounting flanges and standard 2.54mm IO-pin pitch, which enable easy and reliable mounting on host PC.

You can get the Easy GPS Kit from here.


  • Tiny form factor - 22mm x 22mm x 8mm
  • Embedded patch antenna 18.4 x 18.4 x 4.2 mm
  • NMEA protocols (default speed: 9600bps)
  • One serial port (default: CMOS level,option:RS232)
  • 1PPS output
  • A-GPS with 14-day extended ephemeris
  • WAAS/EGNOS support
  • MediaTek MT3329, Channels, acquisition and 22 tracking
  • Optional Internal back-up battery
  • Size: 22.0 x 22.0mm x 8mm.

  • Fastrax UP501 default firmware configuration:
    1. Port 0: NMEA 9600 baud
    2. NMEA output: GGA, RMC, GSV, GSA (all 1 sec interval)
    3. DGPS/SBAS: Disabled (Module supports WAAS/EGNOS)
    4. Datum: WGS84


  • Datasheet
  • NMEA Manual
  • USB Driver
  • GPS PC workbench4
  • Workbench4 User Guide

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