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Recruit engineer


recruit engineer

As the advancement of company and the addition of products, besides the technical test and review from our team, in order to better serve the customers with more diversified and enriched materials, we decide to invite a variety of excellent engineers, who hold the “open” spirit in the hardware or software community, to help us undertake test and reply the testing data to us.

We will give away the sample to the applicants, free shipping. Basically, every month we will choose the specific several items to provide test, but if you are really good at someone which is out of selection, you can also propose special application to us, therefore, if you are willing to share your effort to many other hobbyists , please send email to to apply for it.

It’s quite simple to get the chance,if you can satisfy the following requirement:

  • At least one year experience for engineering

  • Briefly describe your ideas of testing our giveaway product(s).

  • Information (website, blog, video etc.) of your previous projects (optional, but will be appreciated.)

  • You have to send us a review about using the give-away product in your project. The review could be in any form (pictures, text or video, etc.) with your description.