Aplomb-boards SOIC adapters for FlowerPads

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This Aplomb-boards SOIC adapters for FlowerPads Series. You also could using a header AND socket: you can re-use the adapter and chip in another project. (I would do so with the AT90PWM3 f.i.).

"Every electronics engineer knows that SMD is the future: PTH will fade-out, eventually. But for prototyping and breadboarding, SMD can be a pain. Adapters are the answer. I designed a few to show you. Let me know what you think and which are your favorite ..." said by Nard Awater, who help us modified the flowers version and designed the set SOIC-adapters for use on proto boards (like Vero-board).



  • FlowerPads adater
  • Arduino MEGA compatible
  • Standard 2.54mm(100mil) spaced holes
  • Green PCB
  • Easy to use SOIC 8/14/16/20/32
  • Dimension: 44 x 23 x 1.6 (mm)






FlowerAdapter32-06.jpg FlowerAdapter32-07.jpg

An adapter for SOIC8: standard width and wide ( f.i. AT45DB161 is a wide variant) If it's just for a quick proto, direct soldering to the pads is one way to go. But it's not a very solid construction. FlowerAdapter32-08.jpg As an alternative: use pins at the end only ......


.... and use solder blobs for the other connections FlowerAdapter32-10.jpg

Using a header AND socket: you can re-use the adapter and chip in another project. (I would do so with the AT90PWM3 f.i.)


See how much space it saves on the protoboard !


Soic picture13.jpg

So what's next ?

These are my plans: 1. A strip where you can solder an adapter to and use it on a breadboard 2. Adapters for TQFP, maybe also for SSOP.



Contact ? Send your email to adapterfreak @ the domain you see in the addressbar of your browser. Or use PM on www.avrfreaks.net. My username is Plons

Update: This is what a BreadBoardStrip could look like. Just cut it to the length you need.



Don't use the standard header-pins (as shown on the right) as connector to the breadboard.

Soic picture15.jpg

Here an impression of how a BreadBoardAdapter would be used

Why does it have such long pins ? It was used as a ribboncable adapter. But as you can see: the method works

Soic picture14.png

A 90 degree angled double header like this is an option when you prefer flatmount. I am still working on a different solution. If you have any tips ? Please let me know.

How about this: I squeezed a header in, but soldering it will be a precise job. I will add some solder guides to make that easier

Soic picture16.jpg Soic picture17.jpg

Soic picture18.jpg Soic picture19.jpg

Soic picture20.jpg

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