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TheJQ6500 MP3 is a hardware decoder providing serial MP3 chip, perfectly integrating MP3 and WMV. Meanwhile, the software supports TF card driver, spi flash update on the computer, and FAT16, FAT32 file system. Through simple serial commands, it can execute music playing. Easy-to-use without cumbersome underlying operations, stability and reliability are the most important features of this product. Also the chip is uniquely customized as a low-cost solution for specific voice playing field.

Model: EF03144

JQ6500 Mini MP3 Module-C.jpg JQ6500 Mini MP3 Module-B.jpg JQ6500 Mini MP3 Module-E.jpg



2. Parameters

2.1 Hardware Parameters

JQ6500 Mini MP3 Module-F.jpg

2.2 Module Pin Description

JQ6500 Mini MP3 Module-G.jpg JQ6500 Mini MP3 Module-H.jpg

JQ6500 Mini MP3 Module-I.jpg

2.3 Wiring Diagram

JQ6500 Mini MP3 Module-J.jpg


3.1 Communications Directive

1. Send commands directly no need return parameters

JQ6500 Mini MP3 Module-K.jpg

JQ6500 Mini MP3 Module-L.jpg

2.Parameter Query

JQ6500 Mini MP3 Module-M.jpg

JQ6500 Mini MP3 Module-O.jpg

  • Note 1: The folders inside USB and TF card must be named 01 02...99; the files inside the folders must be named 001 002 003....

4. Instructions on Voice Update

Connect the MINI USB of the module to the computer. Open “My Computer”, double-click the “CD Drive”JQ6500 Mini MP3 Module-P.jpg, and you will see an update content of PC software, as shown below:

JQ6500 Mini MP3 Module-Q.jpg

JQ6500 Mini MP3 Module-R.jpg

Select "Audio loading" - Click "Browse".

JQ6500 Mini MP3 Module-S.jpg

Choose the audio, click the "Open".

JQ6500 Mini MP3 Module-T.jpg

The audio is added to the PC software.

JQ6500 Mini MP3 Module-U.jpg

JQ6500 Mini MP3 Module-V.jpg

The picture means that the voice has been downloaded to the spi flash in the module.


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