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This is a breakout module for Playstation2 analog joystick. Lots of robot projects need joystick. This module provides a affordable solution to that. Simply connect to two analog inputs, the robot is at your commands with X,Y control. It also has a switch that is connected to a digital pin.

Model: BKOUT_MD01

Joystick md1.jpg


  • Three axis (X,Y,Z(button))
  • Size:36x35x32mm


Hardware Installation

Joystick md03.jpg


Includes important code snippet. Demo code like :

**  Device: Joystick                                                **
**  File:   EF_Joystick_Test.c                                      **
**								    **
**  Created by ElecFreaks Robi.W /10 June 2011                      **
**                                                                  **
**  Description:                                                    **
**  This file is a sample code for your reference.                  **
**                                                                  **
**  Copyright (C) 2011 ElecFreaks Corp.                     	    **

int FirstShotX , FirstShotY;

void setup()
  for(int i=0; i<19; i++)
    pinMode(i, INPUT);
    digitalWrite(i, 1);
  FirstShotX = 0;
  FirstShotY = 0;

void loop(){
  int i, someInt, flag = 0;
  for(i=4; i<11; i++)
    someInt = digitalRead(i);
    if(someInt == 0)
      flag =1;
   if(flag == 1)
       case 4: Serial.println("--------> Button A"); break;
       case 5: Serial.println("--------> Button B"); break;
       case 6: Serial.println("--------> Button C"); break;
       case 7: Serial.println("--------> Button D"); break;
       case 8: Serial.println("--------> Button E"); break;
       case 9: Serial.println("--------> Button F"); break;
       case 10: Serial.println("--------> Button KEY"); break;
       default: break;
   int sensorValue = analogRead(A0);
   if(FirstShotX == 0)
     FirstShotX = sensorValue;
     Serial.print("FirstShotX = ");
   Serial.print("X = ");
   Serial.println(sensorValue - FirstShotX);
   sensorValue = analogRead(A1);
   if(FirstShotY == 0)
     FirstShotY = sensorValue;
     Serial.print("FirstShotY = ");
   Serial.print("Y = ");
   Serial.println(sensorValue - FirstShotY);


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