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  • NX Bridge is a unique Arduino board which features a WIZnet ethernet port, an XBee socket, an RJ45 and an ATMega328. This board will add wireless XBee control as well as internet connectivity to your projects. It’s great for anything from home automation to robot control. The possibilities are endless!
  • NX Bridge can be used as an Ethernet, wireless communication project development platform. NX Bridge support Micro SD for mass storage. There are some 3pin electronic brick/ sensor brick interface breakout on board, it offer an easy way for a quick prototyping. You can setup a web server through which you may communicate with a remote Arduino using XBee radios, bluetooth or APC modules. This information can be posted to a web site, or to Twitter.

NX Bridge V1 D.jpg NX Bridge V1.1 F.jpg NX Bridge V1.1 B.jpg


  • Arduino controlling style
  • Ethernet:WIZ5100
  • Standard RJ45 Ethernet jack
  • Onboard XBEE socket
  • Support Micro SD card(More than 2G is not guaranteed)
  • The IO for SD card are respectively demonstrated as below:CS:D4,MOSI:D11,SCK:D13,MISO:D12
  • The W5100 for respectively demonstrated as below:SCK:D13;MISO:D12;MISO:D11,SCS:D10
  • Operating voltage: 7 VDC - 12VDC

Interface Function

           NX Bridge V1 J.jpg

Reset button: If you press the Reset button, the ATMEGA328P will be reset.

SD Card socket: Only surport Micro SD card. Surport FAT and FAT32, and the size more than 2GB is not supported.

Electronic characteristics

NX Bridge V1 V.jpg


NX Bridge V1 X.jpg

NX Bridge V1 Y.jpg

NX Bridge V1 Z.jpg


Usage We will test the NX Bridge functions of writing or reading information from the SD Card and sending out A/D data to network

Step 1: Install the Hardware

Firstly, install the hardware.This method is plugged in.

MethodUse: separate power cable and Ethernet cable.

NX Bridge V1 H.jpg

Step 2: Programing

After hardware installation, here we continue to try the test code.

First, create an Arduino project and copy the program below to it.

This program is written to test the functions of writing or reading data from the SD Card and sending out A/D data to network. This demo code can be used as a test program as well as reference if you wanna explore more functions of the board.From here you can download the Code Demo


1. All the ".h" file needed have been pre-installed in Arduino IDE.

2. Install a Micro SD card. Make sure the Micro SD card is not full and the format is FAT or FAT32.

Step 3: Download the program

Because there is no USB connector on the board.The NX Bridge requires a.Bee Adapter to download the program.

Connect the Bee Adapter to NX Bridge as below:

NX Bridge V1 L.jpg        NX Bridge V1 G.jpg                                                                   

Select the corresponding Arduino board as the picture below and COM port you are using in: Tools --> Serial port. Insert a surported Micro SD card into the Micro SD card socket:

  NX Bridge v o.jpg

Click the upload button to download the program to the NX Bridge .

Step 4: Result testing

After the program was downloaded, open the Serial Monitor. You will check the status of the board.

NX Bridge V1.1 Z.jpg

Open a web browser and enter the web address:, then you can check the data sent out by NX Bridge  :

Notice: Make sure the NX Bridge and your computer are in the same local area network.

NX Bridge v1.1 k.jpg


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