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Congratulations! Prize Winners in 2017 Christmas

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Elecfreaks is an online information platform created by a group of people who love technology and practice madly. We favor at sharing technology, communicating thoughts with different people and providing services for maker groups.

On the Christmas of 2017, in order to thank our extensive maker friends’ support for us, we have hold a promotion of “Order for free ELF drone and 3D printer“. During our promotion period, we have sent out more than 20 sets of ELF drones and gift of 3D printer. Some of our customers have already received our presents, while some more are still in delivery. Don’t worry if you haven’t received our present yet!

Now, it’s time to public our prize winner list. Let’s hold our breath and remember this honorable time!

Due to the weight of some presents, part of our winners may need to spend a little bit more on freight fee of the extra weight. And our customer service staff has already send you an email inform. We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused!

In the new year, Elecfreaks will provide you more and more funny DIY maker products, excellent micro:bit tutorial blogs and better service to satisfy your needs. We aim to make Elecfreaks become a platform for maker education, for sharing, communicating, study and innovation. 2018, more wonderful things are waiting for you!

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