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Freaduino ADK update to v2.0

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Freaduino ADK V2.0 is a Android Open Accessory Development Kit(ADK) compatible board,but not a simple clone of it. Added features like Easier access to reset button, More visible location for LEDs, 3.3V/5V Operating Voltage selectable, More powerful 3.3V power supply(max 1A), and so on.

It’s 100% Arduino Mega compatible and Freaduino ADK v1.0.  And compared with Freaduino ADK v1.0 it has more rational layout and same PCB size of the official version. Important it more cheaper the price just $70, that means you can own Arduino Mega and USB Host function at same time.


What are the changes from ADK to Freaduino ADK ?

  1. More powerful 3.3V-1A LDO power regulator
  2. 5V/3V3 IO Level selectable (The following picture shows that Atmega2560 running on 16MHz@3.3V is a bit over-clock, but according to the test result, it works fine)
  3.  More visible location for LEDs
  4.  More powerful 5V-2A switch power regulator (input range 7V – 23V)
  5. Easier access to reset button
  6. Red PCB



How to begin the ADK project myself ?

You can reference our demo such as :

 Uploading Firmware

  1. Set the VCC slide switch to 5V.
  2. Connect the Freadunino ADK Main Board – Micro USB to PC USB port.
  3. Set the Board type in Arduino IDE to Arduino Mega 2560.
  4. Compile the Demo Sketch and upload to Main Board.

Android App

  1. Install Android Platform Development Software.
  2. Import the demo Android app to Eclipse Workspace.
  3. Connect the mobile device to PC and upload the application
  4. Connect the mobile to ADK Main Board.



  1. Freaduino ADK main board
  2. Android Phone above V2.3.4
  3. 1602 Character LCD and USB Cable


  1. Source for Android App
  2. Source for Arduino sketch


More information you also can reference our Wiki of ADK.


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