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UTFT Library Support TFT01-7.0 and TFT01-5.0

By May 7, 2013 One Comment

Hi Guys, thanks for your interest in ElecFreaks TFT01 LCD series.   We have released the TFT01-4.3 / 5.0 / 7.0 for a  period of time. However many of customers gave feedbacks that the TFT01-7.0 has the fonts to appear to be mirrored and the UTFT Library  did not support  TFT01-7.0  .  So we contacted to our friend Henning Karlsen who wrote the UTFT library. And he has released the new UTFT v2.2 library which added support for ElecFreaks TFT01-5.0 and TFT01-7.0 ,adding  support for chip Kit uC32 and restructured files slightly .

You can download the library from :

When you use the library on Arduino and TFT01-7.0 LCD Module , please use TFT01_70 parameter.

// Uncomment the next line for Arduino Mega
// Remember to change the model parameter to suit your display module!
UTFT myGLCD(TFT01_70,38,39,40,41);




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  • killabyte says:

    The execution is really fast (only 24,679 msecs). A lot much faster than the same program running on a TFT01-5.0, which takes 156,749 msecs as you can see in this video (it is about 6 times faster):

    Are you using some clever optimization trick or is there some new HW optimization? In the specs both screens seem very similar but the results on the 7.0″ are overwhelming…


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