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UTFT Supported TFT01-1.8SP/2.2SP/2.2/2.8

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Hi, everyone, we have a really thrilling news to share with you, especially for the people who like TFT LCD, as UTFT official websites have made some changes. From 07 Sep 2013, UTFT added support for 4 more Elecfreaks display modules, including TFT01-1.8SPTFT01-2.2SP , TFT01–2.2 ,  TFT01–2.8 . Besides the originally 7 TFT, now we have 11 UTFT supported display modules in total. We believe that these changes would be more convenient for our customers to cool their projects.


You see, the UTFT official website  has listed the changes, from which you can see that from now on, the 4 more Elecfreaks products, TFT01-1.8SP, TFT01-2.2SP , TFT01–2.2 ,  TFT01–2.8, can be supported by UTFT. TFT LCD module has always been one of the hot products in DIY industry and LCD is basically the necessary products during all projects. In addition, compared with 5110 LCD, TFT series come with sufficient stock, good quality, supporting colorful display, therefore, the use of TFT will increase and be the trend, and the supporting of UTFT is no doubt more convenient for users to hack the project.

The above list is about the 11 UTFT supported products, ranging from 1.8” TFT to 7.0” TFT, and we believe no matter what TFT you need, you can purchase from here.

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