The 7th Mianyang Youth Robot Competition will be held successfully (With the help of the ELECFREAKS Competition Team)
Case 2丨Using Wukong 2040 sensor to train neural network
Case 1: Using Wukong 2040 sensor to train neural network
ELECFREAKS helps education innovation, and colorful activities light up the road of science and technology education
Introduction to ELECFREAKS XGO Robot Dog Kit
How to build a case of "Swing"
ELECFREAKS Presents OpenBrother XGO Robot Dog at Open Source Summit Europe
We designed an easy and funny game with Cutebot Pro
Exciting and intense rivalry matches - World Robotics Competition Futurama
Supporting the white list competition of the Ministry of Education of China for three consecutive years, ELECFREAKS independently designed the competition rules.

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