Introducing HoneyComb---Connect your ideas!

Introducing HoneyComb---Connect your ideas!



Connect your ideas!

To be launched on Crowdfunding on 1st December, 2016

HoneyComb is a fun project that offers colorful block sensors to kids so they can get themselves familiar with open hardware and keep them interested in customizing their own little project. With HoneyComb, they can tap the full potential of their ideas and make them come true. img_7569

We're once kids before and we believe back then we had some brilliant ideas too. As the years went by, these ideas faded simply because we didn't know the tools to make it happen and no one offered any assistance of this sort. Have you had this experience? Have you ever had this thought that you could be gifted and make a difference in the world? We believe you have. img_4217

So it occurred to us that why don't we do something to help kids that we once were and make their ideas happen. It makes all the sense to introduce the new project---HoneyComb. You can attach, detach and organize HoneyComb blocks like Lego bricks. The connection between blocks is done by the magnet on both sides. So it's very convenient for the kids to assemble. Plus, it comes with various colors to arouse the kids' attention.


You never run out of ideas as HoneyComb by far supplies more than 50 sensors and more than 300 combination variations. Once the kids get their hands on it, they can hardly put it down. Start connecting your ideas now! honeycomb-rgb


We accelerate your ideas!

When it comes to makers, we’re freaks. Founded in March 2011, ElecFreaks has always been serving makers and startups around the globe by providing open hardware, Arduino modules, rapid prototype design and mass production, and dedicated to promoting maker education. We’re just a big lover of hexagon, in that our logo and our products are all hexagon-related. Also we believe in ecology and strive for a greener world so our products are made of recycled cardboards. To facilitate maker’s learning, we’re always modulizing our products to better serve the cause of maker education. Our official website integrates an e-mall, a blog, a wiki, a forum and a project?section. For each and every module on our e-mall, we have a corresponding specification for that on our blog and wiki. Users can talk and exchange new ideas on our forum, and they can also inquire our ongoing projects. It’s a one-stop paradise for makers from one little idea always the way to a finished product.

ElecFreaks offers Arduino modules、Raspberry Pi modules、sensors、prototype、breakout boards、PCB boards、NFC、VR devices???D printers、drones、open hardware and maker education kits.