“Flying” your TPBot to the sky!

“Flying” your TPBot to the sky!

Dear customers, the TPBot is coming soon! TPBot is a smart coding car for micro:bit. It can be regarded as a toy for its preset functions that do not need a micro:bit; it can also be used as a teaching aid at the same time, you can code it via the micro:bit or make extensions for the other modules and the Lego bricks to develop children’s imagination and creativity.

One of our friends has built a drone with Lego bricks that is compatible to our TPBot, it could “fly” the TPBot to the sky. And we’ve taped the video for the assembly that you can see it with the below link:


It should be a good start by combining the bricks with the “drone”, it not only pulls the kids out of the tradition by simply assembling the bricks only but has also brought them to the field of the drone. In this way kids will know the basic idea to the drone and it is possible to practice both of the assembly and knowledge of the drones. Nowadays there are too many children being addicted to the computer games, we are trying to create a new kind of game that can help those get out of them and practicing their coding abilities.

Now let’s connect the drone to the TPBot to make it fly in the sky! You can see the video with the link here:https://youtu.be/TAOEfdTqiIg