The First Mini Maker Bazaar

The First Mini Maker Bazaar

Yesterday, we have successfully held the first Mini Maker Bazaar with 1980. It integrated the technology, open source, art, design and DIY works. Many people gathered here including some leaders of government and industry elites. They come together to launch the ceremony.


As an organizer of this activity, our manager expressed that we aim to spread maker culture with this chance and what the real meaning of maker is turning your creative ideas into reality. Elecfreaks as an open source hardware company, we make electronic design and innovation easier. Maybe you have a lot of good ideas in your mind, but you cannot make them come true. While what we can offer to you are development platform and various electronics components and so on. We all have a dream to accelerate maker culture to bloom in Shenzhen. It’s a brand new trade in this era and stay in the swift developing period. We have brought many featured products such as 3D printer, drones, smart cars, modules and something interesting invented by our engineers for communication and learning with each other. Some Medias also came here to do a report about it which makes it better for many other enthusiasts to know it but not just limited in the field. After school, there are still some students come here. They are so curious to ask many questions about those special products and showed high degree of enthusiasm when our engineer was explaining. So, maker education is necessary and it is also a new plan of our company. Here are some snapshots shared.

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What I want to refer here is that except us there are still many other participants. What listed in their showcase are beautiful, special rings, necklaces, bags, bracelets and so on which are all designed and made by themselves. Here I need to specially note is one woman. She expressed that she really want to get a chance to learn something about maker for herself is a person who are major in making different shapes of things with steel wires. But they are pure handmade, which need a lot of time. So she wants to integrate her work with technology to improve efficiency and add some new elements to her work for example, action, sound and something others. I think this is a good idea to combine traditional handicraft and modern technology.

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