Bluetooth Bee

Bluetooth Wireless Upload User Guide


Based on HC-05 Bluetooth module or Bluetooth Shield, Bluetooth wireless upload is a low-cost way for Arduino Users to achieve wireless  program upload, as long as you have HC-05 Bluetooth module and Arduino UNO Mainboard, or Arduino pro mini board, you can…

Bluetooth Modem Video Tutorials


Besides Bluetooth Shield and Bluetooth Bee video tutorials, currently we continue to release Bluetooth series product – Bluetooth Modem Video Tutorials. Bluetooth has increasingly become the focused topic in ordinary life, and is always our important and hot-sale product, therefore, we…

Bluetooth Shield User Guide

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Hi, everyone, we recently updated a new user guide for Bluetooth Shield, which will connect to or be connected by other devices that support SPP protocol per configuration, and it is a suitable substitute for most applications. In this quickly-user- guide,…