UTFT Supported TFT01-1.8SP/2.2SP/2.2/2.8


Hi, everyone, we have a really thrilling news to share with you, especially for the people who like TFT LCD, as UTFT official websites have made some changes. From 07 Sep 2013, UTFT added support for 4 more Elecfreaks display modules, including TFT01-1.8SP, TFT01-2.2SP , TFT01–2.2 ,  TFT01–2.8 . Besides…

New product post 60 – TFT LCD: 1.8 – 2.8


In the previous blog, we made a commitment that this week we would release another series of new products, that is, the TFT LCD series, including 2.8’’ TFT LCD: TFT01-2.8 , 1.8’’ TFT LCD: TFT01-1.8SP , 2.2’ TFT LCD: TFT01-2.2SP , 2.2’’ TFT…