ELECFREAKS Pico:ed Ring:bit V2 Car Kit (With Pico:ed Board)

The ELECFREAKS Ring:bit Car Kit V2 is a small DIY smart car driven by the Pico:ed and the ELECFREAKS Ring:bit. A basic Ring:bit Car can be easily programmed to run autonomously, and even create rainbow beacons of light. Just add one of the many extensions available and your Ring:bit Car can do even more things like line and light following, obstacle avoiding, drawing, and more!

In stock



Item Parameter
Coding Language makecode / python / javaScript / scratch / C++
Materials Frosted Acrylic
Power Supply 3 x AAA
Battery Life 120min
Continues Running Time More than 240 minutes
Number of IO 3
Rainbow LED 2
Net Weight 221g



ELECFREAKS Pico:ed Ring:bit V2 Car Kit

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