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DIY Solder Kits

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  1. Module: EF06124 Shipping weight: 155g Learn More
  2. Model: EF06126 Shipping weight: 311g 99 units in store Learn More
  3. Model: EF06127 Shipping weight: 121g 199 units in store Learn More
  4. This is a tester that is smarter than multi-meter. It is a good helper for electronic fans. It has powerful functions, and can auto judge the type, pin definitions and parameters of many commonly used components. The auto measurement can be done just by one press-down on the button. The battery powered design makes it easy to carry and you could even bring it with you to shops to choose the components needed. It can also be connected with external power supply, which makes your indoor test more economic and convenient! Learn More
  5. DIY Amplifier Kit is a soldering and assembly DIY kit, which contains two 3W speakers, using a 8002 Amplifier chip, while the Kit also uses the KA2284 chip as a LED driver, it can be used for simple spectrum display. Transparent acrylic shell, let us can see the design of the internal circuit, so that the kit is very maker style. Through soldering and assembly kit, you can learn and master the use of soldering and simple circuit debugging, increase the ability to practice. At the same time, Amplifier Kit is a very practical product, You can enjoy the fun of DIY and music after finishing assembling. Learn More
  6. Worrying about late for school or work in the morning? You might expect to have an alarm clock to help you get up. Don't worry, you will get an electronic alarm clock soon. DIY Alarm Clock soldering Kits is invented for you to make an electronic clock by yourself. It is funny, easy and simple to assymble. Just move your brain and hands to make one! Learn More
  7. LED Music Frequency Spectrum Display Soldering Kit is a set of DIY kit for assembling an LED Music Frequency Spectrum Display. This display can present music frequncy on the panel while broadcasting a melody. You can enjoy the music and watch the music dance on the panel at the same time. Learn More

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