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PCBA Making Service

PCBA = Printed Circuit Board + Assembly

● Start from $9.9.

● Choose from 2 layer/4 layer, PCB color, PCB thickness.

Order Steps

● Fill in the PCB specification form online.

● Upload your gerber files in zip or rar format; check out.

● If the files and design meet the requirements, they will be processed in 4-6 days.

● Should the files have any problem, we will be contacting you.

Fast Prototyping

ElecFreaks project A


ElecFreaks project B

How do we implement?

● Rapid prototyping

We have accumulated a robust number of modules in stock for quickly starting up prototypes. The booming of 3D printing and the geographical advantage of Shenzhen, the world's largest electronics market with factories of all scale, where ElecFreaks R&D office settled, make the process 3 times faster than the average rate. From design through mass production, ElecFreaks acts as the effective and efficient enabler to make your thoughts accessible.

● Series hardware solutions

Intially focused on Arduino and Raspbery, ElecFreaks has expanded to diversified hardware solutions, now covering 3D, wireless (wifi, RF, FRID, BLE 4.0), IP camera, ultrasonic, sensors, multicopter and virtual reality etc.

● 50+ global distributors

Owning as such distributing sources, we not only productize your thougnts, but give precious advice on seed investment and crowdfunding.

● Open partner board

The partner board is open wide for any curious mind, fancy idea holder, and electronics geek with open arms. Come play your wicked ideas here.