Voting Machine

Voting Machine

Build a voting machine using many micro:bits!


In this project, a voter program is loaded onto a player’s micro:bit. The player uses the buttons to vote either yes or no and the vote is sent to a dashboard micro:bit using the radio. The dashboard allocates one LED per player and turns it on or off based on the vote.

The voter program

Assuming button A is for a NO vote and B is for YES, the voter program works like this:

Transmit a NO vote

When button A is pressed, a number 0 is sent via radio and the X symbol is shown on the screen.

Transmit a YES vote

When button B is pressed, a number 255 is sent via radio and the Y symbol is shown on the screen.

Set device serial number

In order to track the votes, we tell the radio to also transmit the device serial number.

Set the radio group

We arbitrarily choose 4 as the group used for the communications.

Putting all the parts together, here’s the complete voter program:

Link: https://makecode.microbit.org/_XcWH4s7wyhmV

The dashboard

The dashboard code is in the radio dashboard example. Download the code from that example into the micro:bit that will be used to display the result. When the dashboard receives a message from a micro:bit, it find a pixel for that board (and remembers it) and uses the number received as the brightness of the LED. When a message hasn’t been received by a board for some time, it’s pixel will start to blink. After more time, it will simply turn off.

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