6. case 03 Auto Windows#


6.1. Goal#

Make a smart wardrobe

6.2. Materials#

1 x ELECFREAKS micro:bit Smart Home Kit 1 x corrugated board

6.3. Background#

What is smart wardrobe#

Smart wardrobe could automatically open and let people take cloth. A slight push and the door open.At the same time, wardrobe door was setted low noise, it will not disturb sleep.

Smart wardrobe operation#

Controling crash detect module using micro:bit and receive crash signal.The micro:bit will control servo to open the door with light up when it received signal.


6.4. Practical operation#

Materials: corrugated board and cutter


Build as below picture:

Front side:


Back side:


Paste devices as below piture:


6.5. Hardware connect#


6.6. Software#


Edge Connector Data Sheet

6.7. Programming#

Step 1#

Go to MakeCode page, click Advanced in the code block and click on Extensions.


We need to add a new codebase for programming of smart home. Finding “Add Package” in the bottom of code block and click it. Then a message box will show up, search “smart home”, and download this new codebase.


Note: If there is a hint says some codebase will be deleted because of incompatibility. Don’t worry. You could go ahead as the hint or build a new item in item menu bar.

Step 2#

Drag on start from Basic and snap into set pull pin P2 to up.

Drag servo write pin from Pin, choose P7, set P7 to 180° and set door to -1 for closing the door。


Step 3#

If digital read P2, the door variables will be contrary.If door variables is true, rainbow LED shows white, servo turns 0 °with door opens and pause 2 seconds.


Step 4#

If door variables is false, servo turns 180° with door closes, pause 2 seconds and the rainbow LED off.



Make code:https://makecode.microbit.org/_2J3VR42c29cw

You also could directly download program visit website as below:

6.8. Result#

Turning of the servo will drive the door open with rainbow led light up.

Front side:


Back side:


6.9. Think#

How to make a clothes racks ?

6.10. Questions#

6.11. More information#