1. Introduction#

micro:bit watch kit is a set of wearable devices based on power:bit. Just by doing some simple assembly, you can DIY a micro:bit watch.


1.1. Assembly Drawing#

Fix your micro:bit and power:bit together with screws. ../../_images/VlDwuIB.jpg

Insert two Li-batteries into the battery socket. ../../_images/WlOr4up.jpg

Fix the back crystal board with 3 hexagon screws. ../../_images/z1s39kp.jpg

Make the longer watch band through the holes on the crystal board. See picture below. ../../_images/op8lbJR.jpg

Optionally, you can plug in the rainbow LED to make it looks more beautiful. ../../_images/1kUr2aU.jpg

1.2. Parameters#

Item Parameter
Product Name micro:bit Watch Kit
Version No. V1.0
SKU EF08192
Net Weight 50g

1.3. Packing List#

1 x micro:bit
1 x powerbit
1 x Acrylic Case
1 x Nylon Watch Band
1 x 8 bead Rainbow LED Ring

1.4. FAQ#