Analog Rotation Brick(EF04085)#


Octopus analog rotation brick is a 10K potentiometer module. Rotating the knob to change its resistance can realize voltage division, and can provide analog signals to the analog input IO ports of micro-controller. This module has a 3-wire anti-reverse connector, which makes it easy to connect a GVS cable.


  • Adopting 3 pins cable with anti-plug function.

  • No screwdriver need, the resistor can be adjusted with hand.

  • Compact design.


Item Parameter
Name Octopus analog rotation brick
SKU EF04085
Resistor Scope 0-10K
Working Voltage DC 2.7-5.5V
Connector Anti-plug GVS
Size See picture below
NW 3.5g



Quick to Start#

Hardware Connection#

Connect to P1 port.(See below picture)


Software Programme#

Click to open Makecode, write your code to control micro:bit LED screen with octopus analog rotation brick.


You can also download the links below:


Rotate the knob of octopus analog rotation brick, then its analog input value will be displayed on micro:bit in the form of bar graph.