Micro:bit Breakout Board ( Octopus:bit)

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Input voltage: 3.3V, Powered by the edge connector of micro:bit:
Extend all of GPIO ports(P0~P16, P19~P20).
Beneath each I/O port, there are pins for VCC and GND. These pins are differentiated by different colors, which enable you to connect your extension module easily. The spread of pins is fully compatible with Octopus series' products.
With a voltage boosting module, you can shift the working voltage of P8, P9, P11~P16 between 3.3V and 5V through the voltage switch.
Lead out serial port, I2C port and SPI port, among which I2C can connect 3 channels of I2C devices and SPI can connect 2 channels of SPI devices.
Available for direct serial port communication between two breakout boards.

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It is suitable for all conditions that require micro:bit GPIO such as programming education, smart device creation, and so on.

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Micro:bit Breadboard Adapter 1


Dimension: 15cm 10cm 2cm
Weight: 33.4g


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