micro:bit Club Pack

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Ideal for IT Training Companies / Schools from Element14 is a BBC micro:bit club single board computer. It is perfect for sharing the BBC micro:bit with friends, the BBC micro:bit club is a 10 pack containing all the pieces needed to enjoy BBC micro:bit in STEM groups, coding clubs, school classes, scouts, guides, and cubs or any other social gathering. The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that user can code, customize and control to bring user's digital ideas, games, and apps to life. Measuring 4cm by 5cm and designed to be fun and easy to use. The BBC micro:bit is completely programmable. That means each of its LEDs can be individually programmed as can its buttons, inputs and outputs, accelerometer, magnetometer and Bluetooth smart technology (connect the micro:bit to other micro:bits, devices, phones, tablets, cameras and other everyday objects). It has 5x5 LED matrix with 25 red LEDs to light up and can display animated patterns, scrolling text and alphanumeric characters.

Package List

Module Quantity
BBC micro:bit 10
USB cables 10
battery holders 10
AAA batteries 20