Smart Coding Kit : Wearable power supply extension kit for micro:bit(without micro:bit board)

Easy Installation: Only need 4 simple steps, you can easily complete the installation.Children can also choose to hang around the neck with a string.

Creativity: It fits for graphical Makecode and Scratch programming. Kids can creat many cases such as dice games,thermometer,compass, pedometer, play music, wireless control and so on...

Two Button Cells: Let the microbit run without usb cable and bulky battery holder. In order to be as small as possible, we only support 2025 button cells.

Wear:bit Extension Board has 2 Switches: Power Switch and Buzzer Switch, Children can better control the micro:bit and buzzer as needed.

Tips: Please use under adult supervision.Suitable for ages over 6 years old. !!! WITHOUT micro: bit and BATTERY !!!!

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Turn Ideas Into Reality and Make More Children Become Maker !!!

micro:bit watch kit

Visualized Programming: Make Programming Within Reach!

The fun cases will bring children the joy of programming!

Children can use programming to achieve what they want. It better improves children's interest in programming!

Teachers or parents also can give the child some help through communication to let the child have fun in programming!