micro:bit Smart Cutebot

Cutebot is a rear-drive smart micro bit car driven by dual high speed motors.

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micro bit car -Cutebot

ELECFREAKS Cutebot is a rear-drive smart car driven by dual high speed motors.

There are many on-board equipments on the Cutebot including ultrasonic sensor and distance sensor, two RGB LED headlights and clearance lamps on the bottom, two line-tracking probes, an active buzzer as the horn and so on! Let’s drive your first smart micro bit car! 


  • Rear-drive high speed motors featuring strong power.
  • Tiny structure with an arc shape featuring crashproof and confortable feel.
  • Only batteries and ultrasonic sensor need to be assembled featuring easy installation.

micro bit car

All-in-one micro bit car & ready to play when opened

micro bit car

RGB Rainbow Lights


300RPM motors


Direct insertion battery holders

 micro:bit car

Lead to P1 P2 12C prots

micro:bit car

Enclosed with a map and guidebook.

Cutebot micro bit car Details

micro bit car micro bit car micro bit car


Support HC-SR04 & 12C directly connection

Metal universal wheel

Flexible movement

Dual line-tracking probes

High-alerted sensors with precise detection

Infrared sensor

Support infrared remote control

Rainbow LED

Support full color with high brightness

Metal gear motor

Durable & Powerfull metal gear motor

Cutebot micro bit car Parameter

 micro bit car

Working voltage : 3.5V~5V(3 x AAA BATTERIES)

size : 85 x 85 x 38mm

Buzzer : Passive buzzer(P0)

Infrared control : Support(P16)

Headlights : 2 x GRB LEDs

Rainbow LED : 2 x Neopixel(P15)

Connection : 12C P1 P2

Motor type : N20 motor

Ultrasonic type : HC-SR04+ 

Cutebot micro bit car Packing List

 micro bit car

Cutebot micro bit car x 1

HC-SR04+ x 1

Manual x 1

Map x 1

micro:bit x 1(optional) *