ELECFREAKS micro:bit Starter Kit

【About Starter Kit】 ElecFreaks Micro:bit Starter Kit is designed for children who is beginning learning electric circuit and programming knowledge. Students can use this micro:bit basic DIY kits to create or complete more experiment, such as traffic light , use photocell to control mircro:bit screen or LED.

【Abundant components】The Microbit Starter kit has provided 24 kinds of electronic components to help you start, including LED, button, buzzer, temperature sensor, trimpot, servo and motor etc. Micro:bit Starter kit can help your kids enter a wonderful of electronic world.

【Multiple Programming Languages】 This micro:bit Starter Kit supports Makecode graphical programming, JavaScript programming, Python and other programming methods.Children can use programming to achieve what they want. It better improves children's interest in programming!

【Perfect and educational gift 】With all of the components, we offer 14 case to enable users to master the principles of electronic circuits, components, and basic programming.There will be learning link in the Guidance Manual.

【TIPS 】This product is for educational purpose in schools and other pedagogical contexts. Please use under adult supervision.Suitable for ages over 10 years old. WITHOUT micro: bit !!! Wiki Tutorial:https://elecfreaks.com/learn-en/microbitKit/Starter_Kit/index.html

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Don't worry about learning, the fun cases will bring children the joy of programming!!!

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Characteristic Electric Circuit Learning Create your Smart Home Become a Little Inventor Monitoring Environment via Cloud Network micro:bit Protection Motherboard
Wiki Tutorial none
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Suitable Age 10+ 8+ 8+ 11+ Not limited 6+


Starter Kit