ELEFREAKS 1Channel Octopus Relay

1Channel Octopus Relay is a single relay electronic brick.

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1Channel Octopus Relay is a single-relay electronic brick.



Reliable Switching Performance: The 1Channel Octopus Relay provides reliable switching capability, allowing you to turn your device on and off accurately. High-quality components and robust design ensure stable and consistent performance, making it ideal for mission-critical applications.

Easy integration and configuration: Designed with convenience in mind, the 1Channel Octopus Relay is user-friendly and easily integrated into existing projects. It comes with easy-to-follow wiring instructions and supports a wide variety of microcontrollers and development boards, simplifying the setup process.

VERSATILE COMPATIBILITY: 1Channel Octopus Relay is compatible with a wide range of devices and electronics. Whether you want to control lights, fans, motors, or other devices, this versatile relay module gives you the ability to easily connect and control them.

Safe Operation: Safety is paramount when it comes to electrical equipment, and the 1Channel Octopus Relay puts your health first. Appropriate isolation and protection mechanisms are provided to ensure safe operation and prevent possible risks during use.



Module 5V power supply:
Never use a power supply of more than 5V, which may cause damage to the module.



Relay Power Supply Voltage:< 5V
Relay drive level:
An optoisolator circuit can completely isolate the relay controlling signal, and the controlled signal, secure and dependable
Contactor control:
Drive circuit: Transistor drive circuit, controlling pin high impedance and requiring very small drive current, about 5mA
Pulldown relay controlling signal to prevent false triggering
Using high-current relay, DC 24V 2A, AC 120V 2A
PCB positioning holes: 3mm standard positioning holes, can install 3mm standard studs, screws


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1Channel Octopus Relay 1
Analog Sensor Cable 1

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