ELECFREAKS Octopus Non-Invasive AC Current Sensor (TA17-03) Brick

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Octopus Non-invasive AC current sensor (TA17-03) Brick is Electronic building blocks, a transformer, an ammeter, a current sensor module, compatible with all kinds of Arduino electronic building blocks / sensor shield.
3P electronic building blocks interface, input 5V - GND, S pin for output an analog voltage value. For details, see product manual. You can conveniently connect to the Arduino board via the Freaduino sensor shield or Freaduino UNO and similar sensors / electronic building block shield.


Power supply needs: 5V
Interface type: Analog
Pin Definition: 1-Signal 2-VCC 3-GND
Wide detecting scope
Fast response and High sensitivity
Simple drive circuit
Stable and long life

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Module Quantity
Octopus Non-invasive AC current sensor (TA17-03) Brick 1
Analog Sensor Cable 1

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