ELECFREAKS Octopus Temperature And Humidity Sensor

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Temperature and humidity sensor is a module based on DHT11 digital temperature and humidity sensing element. Simple design,and sensitive to the ambient temperature and humidity changes, it can be used for temperature alarm, humidity testing and other works.
3P Octopus Bricks Interface:


Power supply needs: 5V
Interface type: Digital
Pin Definition: 1-Signal 2-VCC 3-GND
Fast response and High sensitivity
Simple drive circuit
Stable and long life

Package List

Module Quantity
DHT11 Temperature And Humidity Sensor Module 1
Analog Sensor Cable 1

Hardware Connection

Connect the sensor to P1 port on OCTOPUS:BIT.


Click Advanced in the code drawer of MakeCode to see more options.

To program for the sensor, we need to add a package. Find Add Package in the bottom of code drawer and click it. This will pop up a dialogue box. Search "IOT" in the box and click to add that package.


You can see the whole program from the link here: link
Or you can download it from the page below.


The temperature and humidity value is scrolling on micro:bit screen.

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