ELECFREAKS Octopus Waterproof Temperature Sensor (DS18B20)

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This sensor is a tempeterature detector used to test the liquid temperature based on 18b20.


Standard 3-pin GVS ports is easy to plug.
3V working voltage can drive the micro:bit.
Water-proof design makes it possible to use in the liquid.


Items Parameters
SKU EF04095
Working Voltage DC 3.0V
Power Supply 3v-5v
Connector Type Analog
Length of water-proof detector 1m
Pins Definition 1-Signal 2-VCC 3-GND
Response Quick to response and high sensitivity
Circuit Simple drive circuit
Stability Stable and durable

Outlook and Dimensions

Quick to Start

Connection Diagram
Connect to the P1 port of the extension board.

Add Package

Click "Advanced" in MakeCode to check more choices.

Click "Extensions", and search “https://github.com/elecfreaks/pxt-ds18b20" in the dialogue box to download the codebase of 18b20.

Programme as the Picture Shows

Links: https://makecode.microbit.org/_1x1ERwiT1bui You can also download the links below:


The current temperature value is showing on the micro:bit.

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