Ring:bit Car v2 Kit :Smart DIY programming car for micro:bit (without micro:bit board)

Manual Installation: The ELECFREAKS Ring:bit Car is a small DIY smart car driven by the BBC micro:bit. Manual installation can better exercise kid's hands-on ability.

Ring:bit Expansion Port: The micro:bit Ring:bit car extends the micro:bit’s 3 GPIO ports(3 pin) and allow for different sensors and components to be easily attached to the micro:bit.

Creativity: Rich makecode graphical programming blocks allow kids to learn programming from the simplest to more complex.They can achieve making a shape, crazy dance, remote control etc.

Optional Purchase: Ring:bit Car Accessories(Sonar:bit, Tracking Module and LED Light bar). Your microbit Ring:bit Car can achieve more function like obstacle avoiding, line following and light show!

【TIPS 】WITHOUT micro: bit and BATTERY !!!! This product is for educational purpose in schools and other pedagogical contexts. Suitable for ages over 8 years old.Wiki Tutorial:https://elecfreaks.com/learn-en/microbitKit/ring_bit_v2/index.html

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Micro:bit DIY smart car, for children's creation Parameters
microbit toy kit

Self-assemble, for children's practical ability

Package Includes:

1 X Ring:bit Car V2 (Not assembled)

1 X Instruction Manual (include assembly step, funny case)


Without Micro:bit !!!

The kit doesn't include Sonar:bit, Tracking Module and LED Light bar.

Coding language:makecode / python / javaScript / sratch / C++

Materials: Frosted Acrylic

Power supply: 3 x AAA

Continues running time: More than 240 miuntes

Number of IO: 3

Rainbow LED: 2

Net weight: 221g

Don't worry about learning, the fun cases will bring children the joy of programming!!! Children can use programming to achieve what they want !

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Suitable Age 6+ 8+ 6+ 6+ 7+ 7+
Characteristic Wireless Control Non-nudity / 2 Modes Motherboard Wearable Cute and High Speed Build Blocks
Wiki Tutorial
Exquisite Manual