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Sonar:bit is an ultrasonic module with 3-5V working voltage. It is available to be used to 3.3V or 5V micro-controller system. With only one 3-wire(GVS) cable, it can work properly. Compared to the normal 4-wire ultrasonic module, it has saved one IO port. The measurement range of sonar:bit is 4cm-400cm. It can output stable and accurate measurement data with ±1cm tolerance only. You can use this module to occasions like short-distance measurement, smart cars, robots, micro:bit and arduino teaching, etc..



Input voltage:3V~5V
Enable to drive micro:bit or arduino directly.
Standard 3-wire GVS connecotr, which occupies 1 IO port only.

Definition of Pins

Introduction of Major Components

Transmitter is used to send ultrasonic signals.


Receiver is for collecting ultrasonic signals.


This is the master chip of sonar:bit.

Chip for Sending Signal

This chip is used to drive the transmitter to send out ultrasonic signals.

Chip for Receiving Signal

This chip is used to receive and process ultrasonic echo signals as well as give feedbacks to the master chip.

G-V-S Port

G-V-S port allows outer devices control.

Quick Start

Hardware Connection
Connect sonar:bit to P2 port on sensor:bit and connect micro:bit to your computer.
Once completed, you can see the picture below:

Click to open Makecode online editor.

Write your program to assign the returned value of P2 to variable distance and display it on micro:bit screen.

You can see the whole program from the link
Or you can download it from the page below:


We can see the distance between sonar:bit and the object is displayed on micro:bit in real time. The unit is centimeter.



Product Name Sonar:bit
SKU EF04089
Input Voltage DC 3~5V
Measurement Range 4~400cm
Accuracy Tolerance ±1cm
Size 40.6mm x 51.06mm
Net Weight 12g

Package List

Components Qty(pcs)
Sonar:bit 1
GVS Jumper Cable 1


Sonar:bit Guide

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