New Product Post 34 – NFC/DUE/GPS/ColorLCD

New Product Post 34 – NFC/DUE/GPS/ColorLCD

Hi Guys , thanks for your interest in ElecFreaks. We just came back to work from a long holidays,  right now we are processing the orders which by suspended during the holidays.   We have released some new products before our holidays including NFC Module, Freaduino Due, GPS Bee and ColorLCD Module.  Maybe you are interested, just take a look:  

RFID/NFC Breakout Board

The NFC/RFID breakout base on PN532, which is the most popular NFC chip, and is what is embedded in pretty much every phone or device that does NFC. It can pretty much do it all, such as read and write to tags and cards, communicate with phones (say for payment processing), and 'act' like a NFC tag. If you want to do any sort of embedded NFC work, this is the chip you'll want to use! Comes with: the PN532 breakout board including a tuned 13.56MHz stripline antenna, 0.1" header, 2 jumpers/shunts and a 4050 level shifter chip. We also toss in a Mifare Classic 1K card! You can use SWITCH-0 and SWITCH-1 choosing IIC or SPI interface.    

Freaduino Due

Freaduino DUE is an Arduino compatible board. It is based on Arduino DUE design. So you can use Freaduino as Arduino DUE. All code, shield and IDE for Arduino DUE are also valid on Freaduino DUE. Some visible improvements on hardware make Freaduino DUE more flexible and easier to use. For example:we modified the DC input current from Max 800mA to Max 2A and input voltage from 7-20V to 7-23V. Note: Unlike other Arduino boards, the Arduino Due board runs at 3.3V. The maximum voltage that the I/O pins can tolerate is 3.3V. Providing higher voltages, like 5V to an I/O pin could damage the board.  

Color LCD - Breakout Board

If you need Shield , please order from here. This breakout board for the popular Nokia 6100 Knock-off color LCD has an improved backlight driver circuit (boosts to 7V) , plus we give you a tri-color status LED and 2 pushbuttons, all accessed through one 9-pin 0.1" spaced header. Vbat and the 3.3V input can be driven from the same regulated 3.3V source, but the device will draw more current than if the Vbat input was driven from a higher source voltage. For an estimate of the current draw for a given input voltage, refer to the chart on the schematic file below. This breakout is set up for serial communication to the display and comes with the Nokia 6100 display attached and stand-offs as photographed .


GPS Bee with Mini Embedded Antenna

To make the GPS module easily to be compatible with the existent shield , we use the same pin packaging as XBee wireless module.So you can put the GPS module into the existent shield  compatible with XBee. Also you can use the UartSB to connect the GPS module to USB port, run a software named u-center to analyze the GPS data and to reset the GPS module parameter. Put the GPS Bee on the UartSB , and connect the UartSB to the PC , open the u-center.exe , choose the UartSB port , then you can see the data that GPS module send back , and the software analyze them and show you the specific information ,such as time , speed , latitude , longitude, ASL and so on.