New product post 52- Octopus Vibration Sensor

New product post 52- Octopus Vibration Sensor

Hi, our dear ElecFreaks blog readers, we just recovered energy from weekends, and also, brought  a series of  Octopus electronic bricks  into stock,   including Vibration Sensor Brick , Crash Sensor Brick and so on, the application of which are  available for customers to perfect their cool projects, performing more functions. Can’t wait to see them? Take it easy,  and let me introduce them to you step by step.   Octopus Electronic Bricks, you can use them to build electronics projects just as easily as piling bricks. By using Octopus electronic bricks, you may connect Arduino/Freaduino compatible boards easily with various digital, analog and I2C/Uart interfaces. These breadboard-less firm connection are prepared to extensive modules like potentiometers, sensors, relays, servos…even buttons, just plug and play.

Octopus Vibration Sensor                                                                                                                                                   

Vibration Sensor Brick 

is a module based on vibration trigger switch. When in the stationary state, the indicator LED is OFF. When subjected to external vibration touch to achieve the appropriate vibration force, or move away from the speed of the appropriate (partial) effort, conductive pin will produce an instant turn-on (ON) state. At that time, electrical characteristics have changed. While if the external force disappear, electrical characteristics will restore OFF state. Through Arduino board D13 port indicator LED on/ off, you can clearly see how the vibration sensor works. This module can be used in vibration testing, reporting theft alarm, smart car and so on.


  • Operating voltage: 5V
  • Connecting Mode: G-GND, V-VCC, S for the detection of the signal pin (connected to D3)
  • Power supply needs: 5V
  • Pin Definition: V-VCC G-GND S-D3
  • Simple drive circuit
  • Able to achieve very interesting and an interactive work

Octopus Crash Sensor Brick


Crash Sensor Brick

is a sensor module based on crash switch, simple circuit design, high sensitivity.


  • Arduino special module
  • compatible with sensor shield
  • Output low level when touched, maintain high level when released
  • Used for robot collision detection, touch detection
  • 3P buckled wires connector
  • Easy to plug and play
  • Able to achieve very interesting and an interactive work

 Actually, we have dozens of  Octopus electronic bricks, and through which you can perform all kinds of amazing functions, including infrared remote control, obstacle detection, making a simple fire-fighting robots, and so on. We will persistently release this series product in the following days. Stay tuned.