New product post - OCTOPUS 1Channel Relay

New product post - OCTOPUS 1Channel Relay

OCTOPUS 1Channel Relay is a single relay electronic brick,and its basic design is based on OCTOPUS series products, like shape, PCB positioning holes, interface setting. Adopting Ultra-small, high-quality HUIKE relay, OCTOPUS 1Channel Relay can control various appliances, load high-current, also with opto-isolation, secure and dependable, so Lovers of electronics DIY commonly used it as accessory module.   The module is 5V high level trigger, and the trigger current is about 5mA, so almost all of MCU can directly drive it, pull-up not needed.


  • Relay Power Supply Voltage:5V
  • Relay drive level:5V TTL level,high level drive
  • With opto-isolation circuit, can completely isolate the relay controlling signal and the controlled signal, secure and dependable
  • Contactor control:one normally open contactor,one normally closed contactor(Details are on PCB schematic)
  • Indicator:one signal indicator(The normally open contactor closed, the indicator would light)
  • Drive circuit: Transistor drive circuit, controlling pin high impedance, and requiring very small drive current, about 5mA
  • Pulldown relay controlling signal to prevent false triggering
  • Using high-current relay, DC 24V 2A, AC 120V 2A
  • PCB positioning holes: 3mm standard positioning holes, can install 3mm standard studs, screws


  • Module 5V power supply,control IO voltage 5V(default using 5V relay,but if 12V/24V relay used,12V/24V signal control required)
  • Never use power supply more than 5V, which may cause damage to the module.


  • Smart home
  • Industrial control
  • Equipment remodel
  • Motor Control