New Product Post-RepRap MeLzi

New Product Post-RepRap MeLzi

Every morning is a cheerful invitation to a fuller life. ElecFreaks got a new product to talk about: RepRap MeLzi. Check out the store page if you want to learn more about what it is.

RepRap MeLzi

RepRap MeLzi, controller board for RepRaps, plug-and-play   RepRap MeLzi, controller board for RepRaps, plug-and-play Description:

A compact all-in-one controller board for RepRaps with one extruder head, optimized for mass production. The point of RepRap is to make itself, of course. But sometimes people just want plug-and-play RepRap electronics so they can concentrate on the other aspects of the machine, or just because they are more software or mechanics oriented than electronics oriented. Melzi is designed to be a complete set of RepRap electronics that should be very cheap to mass produce. It was originally based on the Arduino Leonardo (Francesco Melzi was Leonardo's pupil).


  • Processor: ATMEGA1284P
  • All screw connectors - no soldering
  • Micro SD card slot for GCode files
  • Mini USB interface
  • 4 x A4982 stepper drivers
  • 3 x MOSFET drivers for hot end, bed and cooling fan
  • Dimensions: 210mm x 50mm x 17mm
  • Weight: 70g