New product post - RPI GPIO Shield

New product post - RPI GPIO Shield

Hi, everyone, during the whole month of October, we didn’t update any new product, and many customers and distributors urged us to put in shelf something new, so that they can enrich their choice. This week we would release nearly ten more, currently including RPI GPIO Shield , Ethernet Shield , RPI TFT LCD Adapter , Lilypad Arduino ATmega328 8MHz . In the next several days, we would launch the rest of them, and please stay tuned.  



RPI GPIO Shield turned Raspberry Pi GPIO into the normally-used Arduino I/O interface. The shield not only maintained most of Arduino UNO I/O interface,but also expanded IIC interface,UART TX/RX interface, and SPI interface, electronic bricks interface. RPI GPIO Shield inherited the Arduino UNO I / O all the features, which can be used to drive LED, sensors, LCD and other electronic modules and components.

Note: When RPI GPIO Shield connected with Raspberry Pi GPIO, please make sure their pins are corresponding with each other.


  • Fully compatible with Arduino, including Arduino shields
  • Plugs in to Raspberry-Pi GPIO header
  • Voltage safe – Bidirectional translator automatically converts between 3.3V for Raspberry-Pi and 5V for Arduino
  • Same form factor as Raspberry-Pi
  • SIZE:60.24mmx48.36mm

Ethernet Shield

The Ethernet Shield allows an Arduino board to connect to the internet. It is based on the Wiznet W5100 ethernet chip (datasheet). The Wiznet W5100 provides a network (IP) stack capable of both TCP and UDP. It supports up to four simultaneous socket connections. Use the Ethernet library to write sketches which connect to the internet using the shield. The ethernet shield connects to an Arduino board using long wire-wrap headers which extend through the shield. This keeps the pin layout intact and allows another shield to be stacked on top.
Note: Ethernet Shield Micro SD can only support 2GB memory card.

  • Standard Arduino and Arduino Mega compatible
  • Ethernet:WIZ5100
  • Standard RJ45 Ethernet interface
  • Arduino Ethernet Library compatible
  • Support Micro SD Card(no more than 2GB)
  • Arduino/ Freaduino/Mega fully compatible
  • Easy to access reset button
  • Up to 4 TCP/UDP network connections
  • SD Card IO CS:D4 ;MOSI:D11;SCK:D13;MISO:D12
  • Operating voltage:DC5-12V
  • Dimension:78mmx53.5m


RPI TFT LCD Adapter is a kind of Raspberry Pi Adapter, expanded from Raspberry Pi GPIO, directly connected to TFT LCD Module,and can successfully accomplish drive.

Note: When RPI GPIO Shield connected with Raspberry Pi GPIO, please make sure their pins are corresponding with each other.

  • Can directly drive 2.4’TFT LCD Module
  • Unique and delicate design
  • SIZE:53.5mmx18mm

Lilypad Arduino ATmega328 8MHz