We are ready,Are you ready?

We are ready,Are you ready?

Today is 19th June, and one day later, from 21th June, our 3th anniversary activity will step into  beginning stage, at that time, 100  gifts will be sent out  to our lucky friends. We seriously prepared and will diligently give away every piece of  gift to the lucky birds, because Elecfreaks won’t go far without you. Our dear customers, partners and friends, thank you so much for your loyal support. So, gifts, discount, benefits, wishes, let's enjoy them to our heart's content.   Have you seen the following displaying gifts , versatile and enriched. We are ready to send it out, but are you ready to take it home. Waiting will waste everything, so let's review how  to get it.

 If you want to obtain mysterious gift

to feel the unexpected surprize, just remember the following two method. 

(EST 00:00-24:00, June 21—27)

1.Place an order in Elecfreaks store, no matter what product and what price.

2. Retweet our 3th anniversary blog on twitter or facebook, then email the address where you share to dany@elecfreaks.com

If  you want to get expected gift

to enjoy the selectable right, only undertake one action. 

(EST 00:00-24:00, June 28—30)

1. Place an order in Elecfreaks store, no matter what product and what price, then  before checkout, in the given zone,  choose and write one Elecfreaks product≦$100  as your expected gift

Have you seen the specialized T-shirt, and it can be considered as another surprize in 3th anniversary, which is a specific edition, with Elecfreaks logo, the front side for English, and the back side for Chinese.  This T-shirt isn’t sold currently, but will be taken as gift in this round of activity, or possibly will be available in Elecfreaks store in the future, maybe with more colors. And you will see it more often in our future activities. Do you want to own them right now,  and just take action in the suitable time. A warm reminder is proposed that all the gifts and orders are free shipping. Don't miss it.