Temperature Sensor
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September 18, 2017

Micro:bit Experiment 07:Temperature Sensor —— Elecfreaks Mirco: bit Starter Kit Course

Introduction: Temperature sensor is a kind of sensor that can feel temperature and transfer it…
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August 16, 2017

Make A Burglar Alarm Device with Micro:bit

This article comes from: https://tinkercademy.com/tutorials/simple-alarm-machine/ . In this project, we are going to create a simple…
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August 7, 2017

Plant Humidity Monitor

This article is from tinkercademy, you can see the link here : https://tinkercademy.com/tutorials/plant-monitoring/ Goals: 1. Get to know the buzzer, OLED and moisture sensor. 2. Make something…
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Micro: bit
July 31, 2017

How to make a counter with micro:bit?

When we have boarded airplane, we often encounter a situation like this: a beautiful stewardess…
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