ELECFREAKS micro:bit Wukong Expansion Board Adapter

Small size: 58mm*40mm, similar in size to BBC micro:bit. It does not take up space and is more flexible.

Compatible with base: blocks can be built on it, and children can create interesting cases, which can better improve children's creative ability.

Widely Used Breakout Board: There are 8 servo drivers connection, 2 motor drivers connection, 4 Rainbow Leds, 8 LED and buzzer switch on board.

400mAh Li-ion Battery: 20 minutes for completing the charge that can operate for more than 40 minutes a time.

Working Voltage:3.7v~5v,Most of the IO ports led out in GVS form.Standalone IIC pots, available for OLED and BME280.

【TIPS 】Wiki Tutorial:https://elecfreaks.com/learn-en/microbitExtensionModule/wukong.html

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20 Minutes for Completing the Charge

microbit quick charge

Polymer lithium battery is safer

The onboard lithium battery is more convenient to use. The 400mah polymer lithium battery has sufficient power, stable discharge, long service life, and safe explosion-proof. High-rate battery, strong driving ability, can drive 8 servos and 2 motors at the same time.

It supports fast charge with only 20 minutes for full filling that can operate for more than 40 minutes a time.

Compatible with Standard Building Blocks, you can Build Your Own Creation

microbit kit car robot

Durable Power on/off Style

microbit swtch

Innovative Switch Mode

Press once to turn on, press twice to turn off. It is more durable than toggle switch.

Rich Expansion Interface

microbit block lego break board

Multiple function

Integrated buzzer, 8 sensor drives, 8 servo drives, 2 motor drives, 4 rainbow LEDs, 8 blue ambient lights

Ambient Light

microbit wukong expansion board

Make the case more cool

WuKong Breakout Board Parameter

microbit kit


Wukong Breakout Board