EF92A micro bit servo 180 degrees analog servo for micro:bit

EF92A is a kind of 180 deg analog servo. It is light and portable, a little bigger than 5 cent coin. It works at 3V voltage and can be used to make small robot modules, mechanical arm modules and intelligent car modules.

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micro:bit - Servo

micro bit servo Special

3V working voltage/ High-linearity

micro:bit Special Servos

3V low voltage micro bit servo/Intentions of design

Almost all the micro bit servo in the market have to be driven by 5V, but the normal working voltage for micro:bit is 3V. It is embarrassing to drive a 5V servo with a micro:bit. Thus, we have customized these two servos that can be driven by two batteries with the lowest working voltage at 2.7V. It is the first batch of the micro bit servo designed for the micro:bit in the market.

low voltage servo


Low working voltage

Low working voltage

Compatible to 3V-5.5V(With 2.7V at least), designed for micro:bit.

Low working voltage

The high-linearity makes it to control more accurate.

It is designed for micro:bit with high-linearity, which gives you a smooth feel of control.

Durable gears

Durable gears



Items Parameter
Product SKU EF09082
Operating Voltage 3.0V-5.5V
Output Torque 1.6KG/CM
Speciality 3V for micro:bit
Operating Temperature -30°C~+60°C
Connection line banana line
Materials Plastic gears and plastic shell
Other Components Fixed screws, multifunction Steering wheel.
Type EF92A
Rotation Angle 180°
Dead Band Width 5us
Plug Type Common JR/FUTABA
Servo Type Analog servo

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